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Welcome to the Game-seminar group. Here you can find the instructions of the activities.


You can just watch and listen via AC. You can find the discussions of each lecture in the program. Click only the


Another way is to go to the virtual world.  In the "Second life" you can also watch and listen,  you can also  move around and comment to the comment walls (Etherpad) There you can also discuss with other listeners. 


The third option is to go to the realXtend 3D world. (I recommend) There can be only 30 people at once.  All discussions are connected. There you can also watch slides over again. There you will hear the sound of the presentations (Adobe Connect) and the slideshow.


So, i repeat: you can join to the Game Seminar in

  1. In the Otavan opisto live
  2. Second life
  3. RealXtend Toy (You need the client program. Download it in your computer. You can find it under the link Toy
  4.  By Adobe connect




There will be two kind of discussions:


  1.  Non Stop-discussions during the presentations (click the topic)
  2. Coffee and lunch break discussions, which can be continue also later.



Coffee and lunch discussion.

One topic but many discussions inside of the Corkboard. 


Video games and the expertise


Playful working place and an informal learning


The future of the distance learning and games


The Funeral (Future) of The Second life? - Good bye SL, welcome Sims grid and  the realXtend.


Game based school and the textbook pyre on fire?


The program and discussions during the presentation.

(Common in both 3D-worlds) Links to the discussions)


08.30-08.50       Orientation and practice  of the seminar 

Mauri Laakso


08.50-09.20        Game experience in video games

Jari Takatalo Helsinki University


09.20-09.50      Theatre in SL in internation co-operation

Petri Lounaskorpi-Konnevesi High School


09.50-10.20       Quest Atlantis - Learning Content and Values in 3D

Alex Makozs Toronto University

-Adobe Connect


10.20-11.05       Critical view of gamelearning

Thomas Henriksen University of Copenhagen  and

Timo Lainema The University of Turku

-Adobe Connect


11.05-11.35       The possibilities new social media offer  for                                     learning offerings in rural areas

Hróbjartur Árnason                  

Assistant Professor: Adult and Continuing Education

Program Director: Adult learning / Adult Education / Human Resource Management

University of Iceland




11.35-12.15      LUNCH


12.15-13.00         Narrative framework of the role play games and                                 learning

JTuomas Harviainen

                                Researcher  Tampere University and Turku University


13.15-13.45       The Fish boal- Panel Discussion. The future of distance learning and Games


Hróbjartur Árnason

Jari Takatalo

JTuomas Harviainen

Georges Segura

Petri Lounaskorpi



3.45-14.15      COFFEE BREAK


14.15- 14.45 Fish-boal is continues

14.45-15.15         Augmented Reality solutions for Business                                        Purposes,

Georges Segura, AduSal Oy


15.15--15.35        Game learning social and epistemic practice in                                Österskovs Efterschool

Mads Lunau- Österskov   Efterskole Hobro  Denmark - Video


15.35-16.05       Heureka's Larp- Learning in innovative science                                environment

Mikko Meriläinen Doctoral student in  Helsinki University


16.05-16.30      Look forward in a socially innovated future - comments of the results of the seminarday- Discussion




The Host of the discusion: Mauri Laakso






Thoughts of LARP-based learning

Aloittaja: Mauri Laakso Marras 28, 2011. 0 Vastaukset

Mads Lunau thinks Larp-based teaching offer a wide view of understanding the dynamic system. The valuating base on "bilateral" discussing with teacher, peer valuating and on  the portfolio. Most of…Jatka

Thoughts inpired by the game-seminar

Aloittaja: Mauri Laakso Marras 25, 2011. 0 Vastaukset

Let's think about the ideas you got of the seminar.


Kommentoinut Hannu Linturi 22. marraskuu 2011 16:16

Is something familiar happening in that very same room than some years ago when Sometu established?

Kommentoinut Hróbjartur Árnason 24. marraskuu 2011 15:51

Thanks for an interesting Seminar on Tuesday. I really enjoyed all the interesting presentations, and our discussions. I look forward to following the discussion of Gaming and Gaming theory in the future.

I put the progarm on the DISTANS Wiki, and hope you will help us add material as soon as the photos, recordings and links to the presentations are ready :)

Kommentoinut Mauri Laakso 24. marraskuu 2011 15:53

Oh yes, we will as soon as possible. Would it be possible to get a short (or long if you like) blog entry of distance learning?

Kommentoinut Hróbjartur Árnason 24. marraskuu 2011 16:02

OK, will do that soon ;-)


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