Mads Lunau thinks Larp-based teaching offer a wide view of understanding the dynamic system. The valuating base on "bilateral" discussing with teacher, peer valuating and on  the portfolio. Most of the accessment  occurs on discuss  and Teachers don't have time ot read the texts of students. 


On the action everybody does something. If they don't have a competence of some actions, they will take part on watching or by being there. "They have been there" base on the experiental learning and participate learning. 


Mads thinks that they are learning because they feel like they have lived those moments really. Mads found very important the role of adults in school and not only in larp-school. The adult is a role-model and gives model of values and the possibility to hear and to be seen.


The teachers of Österskov are something special. Now they have quite normal life, but at the beginning of the founding the Österskov school they practically was married with their job.


The students visit quite seldom at their homes. The reason might not be so  simple, but they have many game activities on the school during the weekends. The former students arrives to  school to spent time and come to play the games. 


Even the student advisor doesn't like the idea of informal learning the students are actually play different games and practicing to be together, negotiate and  activate in many ways. They use different roles of the experts in the groups and of course do things with inquire learning, specially in the strategy games. They just don't notice that. Sound me like Ferrence Marton thoughts. 


Let's hear thoughts of Mads Lunau. I would like to hear what do you think of his Ideas of educating.

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