Hróbjartur Árnason

Program Director Adult learning, Adult Education, and Human Resource Management at the University of Iceland - School of Education

Árnason’s first university education is equivalent to a master’s degree in theology.  Since that did not satisfy his curiosity, he spent two years with my wife and new born son in Jerusalem where he dug deeper into biblical studies, Semitic languages and archaeology. A few years and travels later, Árnason turned his attention to Andragogy, the science and art of adult learning and completed a so called "Aufbaustudium Andragogik" before returning to Iceland in 1997.

From that point on, Árnason worked on some freelance projects within the field of adult education and as a training manager/development manager at the Icelandic Electrician Union's  Lifelong Learning centre: managing a large group of teachers as well as designing new courses and learning opportunities.

Árnason is involved in the Teachers Academy where he developed a Graduate course on Adult learning as well as a larger teachers certificate programme for academics and tradesmen who want to become high school or trade school teachers. He is a member of the Nordic network on the use of technology to support adult learning: Distans ( His main research, experimental and teaching interests lie in various themes connected to the question: "How do adults learn? And what can be done to support that learning?"

Currently Arnáson is experimenting with open courseware, but at the same time struggling with the concept of commitment and his obligation as an educator to offer instances of discipline as part of the learning experience, in order to support learners learning processes.



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