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Projects of game learning?

Santeri Koivisto is searching full projects of game learning, which includes scientific research and assessment. 

Santeri is a project manager of Mine Craft educational 3D- environment project. 

contact Santeri by mail and tell about your project:


Lisännyt Mauri Laakso 15. tammikuu 2012 10:30 — Ei kommentteja

Thanks, Slides On SlideShare

Ni hao again! 

Thanks to Mauri and everybody at Otavan Opisto for inviting me to speak at their workshop last evening. My slides are now on SlideShare:


Stop by our cybercampus on Second Life (or ReactionGrid, search for Caisland) and visit…


Lisännyt David W. Deeds 14. tammikuu 2012 02:37 — Ei kommentteja

Here's My SLURL!

Ni hao! 

Mauri and everybody, thanks again for inviting me to present for your workshop!

Here's my SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teaching/78/198/21

I've now added it to my PowerPoint slides. ;)

Which you can find on SlideShare. 

Lisännyt David W. Deeds 13. tammikuu 2012 12:34 — Ei kommentteja

Make believe and design worlds. Model the authentic world and mix the fact in fiction.

Join to groups!

Pyydä luomaan yhteisöllesi ryhmä. Suunnitelkaa tai käsitelkää yhteisönne kesken pelioppimisen tavoitteita ja käytännön toteutuksia


Ask to create a group for your community. Discuss, plan and share results.




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