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Twitter-game #Titanicilla

Yle is a Finnish national brodcast company in Finland and they have had a great deal to offer in the history of Finnish learning culture. I remember well my own school experiences when we concentrated to hear something from radio middle of the day. Those moments was part of our learning process during the lessons. We had prepared by the Yle's printed tasks and continued working after the program using their printed guidance magazines.…


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Set them free!

I just heard my nephew got his truck driving lisence in his army  service. I have told in my education days for playful learning the story of his primary school age.  His main interest was to do something else than math or anything else in school subjects.

When teachers didn't find any engaging goals to offer, he found his own goal…


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Make believe and design worlds. Model the authentic world and mix the fact in fiction.

Join to groups!

Pyydä luomaan yhteisöllesi ryhmä. Suunnitelkaa tai käsitelkää yhteisönne kesken pelioppimisen tavoitteita ja käytännön toteutuksia


Ask to create a group for your community. Discuss, plan and share results.




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