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The mixed of puzzle game and role play game in the Information Technology Conference in Hämeenlinna.

Again, it has been  proven that the game does not have to be fundamentally far from reality in order to be engaging and fun.


One hundred teachers played three hours and built future schools in mixed puzzle and role-play game.


The rules was quite simple. There was 12 teams that competed agains each others. They each got bag of cubes and paper plates with words of the school life. The goal was to tell the story of  the future school with sentences with three…


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Make believe and design worlds. Model the authentic world and mix the fact in fiction.

Join to groups!

Pyydä luomaan yhteisöllesi ryhmä. Suunnitelkaa tai käsitelkää yhteisönne kesken pelioppimisen tavoitteita ja käytännön toteutuksia


Ask to create a group for your community. Discuss, plan and share results.




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