I just heard my nephew got his truck driving lisence in his army  service. I have told in my education days for playful learning the story of his primary school age.  His main interest was to do something else than math or anything else in school subjects.

When teachers didn't find any engaging goals to offer, he found his own goal to get fire.

Informal learning - playing

Once he saw some finger skate videos in youtube and few months later he had his own youtube channel and  shared his videos of finger skating to his friend in youtube in all over the Europe.

They had their competitions in finger skating hobby in Youtube.  Followers in Youtube voted the best videos. They learned new tricks and skills via youtube of each others and they discussed in skype of their training and of their solutions of  tricks and what is most important, they shared the experiences  of the video editing.

Soon he had sponsor that gave the weels  and bearings to his skate boards. He bought cameras and raised his video editing in the next level. He designed his own ramps and learned to use new softwares. When the community of skaters had their international competitions he was asked to judge the competition. Even the Angry Birds park in Kajaani City asked him to design the finger skate ramp for them. It might not be necessary to mention that the English language was not the issue. It was just the way to communicate.

Challenge is fun!

In the christmas he got a new gitar hero game and soon he played  the highest level  tracks in the game.

The next challenge was to play real instrument. After four months there was an  interesting case in his school when a band was visiting in his school

Just before encore the band had promised that they will play one song more if there would had been anybody among  audience who would had courage to stand up and play solo with the band in the Smoke in the water.

It's not hard to guess who played the solo.

Play in the school

Later he found his own way to study in vocational school. At the time he has his own rally car and after the army  the carrier with trucks.

The truck licence and the extra licences of oil, explosive transport license are really hard fun games. The explanation why he hadn't succeed in comprehensive school but in the vocational school and in the army he wanted to be the best (as he said to me)is the truth that  he had his ability to engage to those things he get fire of. There wasn't anybody who would had had enough courage to offer him something else than books and letters. The only goal of teachers was to transfer him to the special class. Lucily the  tests showed that he wasn't dumm. The vocational school saved him.

He had ability to find his engagement. The comprehensive school couldn't press him down because of  that reason. How to help other children find their ability to get fire?


I think  we should help teachers to find the way to facilitate children to find their emotional skills: How to help  get the children enthusiastic or how to let them to note their own feelings. I think the hard part to teachers is to let the children play. It's hard to set them free when the curriculum ask to get them to read, write, or learn math. It's could seen as a paradox.  The main task is to attract the children to get fire and learn to get a fire them selves. My nephew had to read and learn by book when he got his special driving license! He wanted to get it.

How about we? Adults. Can you play? Have you set yourself free? 

How come I'm writing any English word in this blog entry?! I was lousy English student in the school, but  I loved singing. I had to understand English if I wanted to understand my singing teacher. He was the best. At the time singing is not my work but still a serious hobby. In my work I need to speak and write in English.

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