Yle is a Finnish national brodcast company in Finland and they have had a great deal to offer in the history of Finnish learning culture. I remember well my own school experiences when we concentrated to hear something from radio middle of the day. Those moments was part of our learning process during the lessons. We had prepared by the Yle's printed tasks and continued working after the program using their printed guidance magazines.

Last spring I jumped to the Titanic in Yle's Twitter roleplaying game. I hadn't prepared before hand, so I couldn't design my role character at all. I just tried to get along as a rabit under the deck. I wrote blog entries of my experiences as a role character.

The main idea in the Twitter game rises of the of ideas in the text based roleplay. The story was designed by telling the story by sending dialogs in Twitter. The magic circle was created by typing the flow of the tweets that the players send in Twitter. The main prinsiple is that everything that anybody tells via their tweets became true inside the magic circle. It's some kind of silent agreement.

Internet is full of text based roleplay communities. In those communities they write almost everything together. Cities, places in there, culture, nature, people and their values and beliefes. The life of the magic circle is created by the intervention of the storyteller, the game master, who is the God of the game world.

Everything is created to the website of the game. There is site for role characters where players introduce their avatars to each others. Usually they share the pictures of the avatars as ready photos or pictures from some free photo services, but in most of the cases they draw their role characters by selves.

Twitter role play game world is a serie of different social media's pages; If they wanted to share something of their own, it was easy to load it first to the Intagram and the share it in by Tweets. Blog entries works great as a diaries of the role characters and Facebook profiles delivered something more about the characters if they wanted share more the history of their role character.

Yle shared the core story and the backround of the main characters in their website. Yle shared also the daily news of the Titanic. It was like a light dance toward the disaster of the full boat of peoples that everybody get familiar to their audience via Twitter roleplay game. There was thousands of followers of the hasttag #titanicilla.

The most frighting experience was that most of players knew that their characters will die. In the same time the core plot was known before hand also. Still it didn't lose it's engaging magic.

During the two weeks journey from Finnish city named Hanko via Liverpool to the Iceberg (that actually had his own twitter game character too) players tweeted before hand designed acts and got amazing experiences by acting in the different activities by tweeting in their roles. For example in theater of passangers they got prepared to the presentation, they was searching people when somebody got lost, they was drinking, eating, fighting ect ect and in the end of the story jumped to the ice cold water and dies. All these things by tweeting.

Some of passengers survived and they was saved on the other boats. And everything was written in the tweets and shared by pictures and photos they linked in their dialogs. Still the death wasn't present all the time during the whole two weeks game.

The main plot was wound on the destiny of the family Panula from the west side of the Finland. The father of the family was waiting already in New York his Family to arrive by unsinkable Titanic. In vain. They all died. There was a long time of hope, that one of the survivors would had been the youngest children of the Panula family. It wasn't true, but the book of the possible survivor baby Panula was written. That book was the main material for the students in gymnasium in Lapua City (actually the right place was Ylihärmä, the neighbor city), the birth place of the Family Panula, when they prepared to play in the Twitter game.

The most interesting part of the game based learning and actually desing based learnig is shared in my videos where the teacher Jaana Holma and her four students are telling how they did it. How four students who all played the same character named Vaino Panula prepared to the game as a team? How they shared their ideas, desided how to tweet in different game situations and the most of all what did they really learned?

I'm reflecting in the videos and I will tell about how to designing the profile of the character. How to use those features in Twitter: moments, photos, groups ect.

I'm one of the Finnish passionate pedagog in the genre of gameful learning and inquire and project based learning. My name is Mauri Laakso. I'm not a gamer. I'm a teacher with passion of participated and insightful learning.

When you want to know more: info@maurilaakso.com

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